Orange launches Factory Racing Switch 6 team bike



Available from today for £ 5,200, Orange is launching its Switch 6 team bike with new specs for 2022. A mix of wheels (29 “front and 27.5” rear) with 160mm front suspension and 145mm rear. This is the Orange Factory version, here is a preview of the Switch 6 Team.

The press release reads as follows:


With a unique set of custom components from our Factory Racing partners, this model builds on the performance platform of the MX switch 6 chassis.

The suspension is personalized and developed from our test and test sessions in Italy, in direct collaboration with Formula factory technicians. Formula suspension is infinitely adjustable and features like the ingenious Neopos struts and CTS (Compression Tuning System) allow you to quickly change the character of the suspension for any terrain.

It’s not just the suspension where Formula components shine, their powerful Cura 4 brakes, deliver incredible feel and stopping power. E13 rims combined with Michelin Wild Enduro tires provide a sure-footed feel and unrivaled grip. The finishing kit is no less impressive, with a handpicked selection from Burgtec and SDG.

If you want a race-ready package, whether it’s for racing or just for some really quick fun, the Switch 6 team can’t be beat.

The framework

The Switch 6 offers all of the frame updates that we have included in the latest range; Metric damper, 76 ° seat angle, 64 ° head angle, with generous 485mm reach in a wide size. With a reduced offset fork, this bike is clearly designed for the aggressive rider.

Aimed at runners and fast trail runners, this kind of bike has become the most popular ticket on the market. Whether you call them “Mullet” or “MX”, the mixed size wheelset makes a lot of sense, but only if you apply the right geometry. The Switch 6 has its geometry adjusted to put all of the key frame elements in the right place, so ride by design is what you would expect from an Orange.

Orange Switch 6 team


Orange Switch 6 team

See all Switch 6 models on the Orange website.

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