Our First Snow 2022 How would you rate the drivers in Ocean County?


This week we had our first snowstorm of the New Year and for the first snowfall of 2022 it was a huge one for many in Southern Ocean County. Little Egg Harbor recorded the highest snow total with 13.2 inches reported … one of the biggest storms for this region of Ocean County in some time.

So of course that storm hit in the middle of the morning as many motorists were trying to start their day so the traffic was heavy and so was the snow.

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So we want to see what YOU thought when you tried to travel Monday during the snow, how were the drivers and how did they handle our first storm with bad road conditions?

As I left Toms River and headed south, the roads deteriorated with more snow in the southern part of Ocean County. The teams were out and doing their best, but it was getting slippery as I went further south on the Graden State Parkway. CLICK HERE for photos of the storm.

Overall I thought the motorists seemed to behave and take their time in the snow, just a few “speed runners”, but overall the traffic moved cautiously on the promenade. I always act on the safe side when it comes to snow or rain and I slow down, not worth the rush for me and possibly having an accident. Yes, I am the slow motion in front of you, but I can save you from yourself by slowing down a bit in bad weather.

How did you feel about the people on the roads during Monday’s storm? Let’s give them a rating and see what the drivers get … Choose your rating below and see if we have PSS or FAIL …

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