Peaty’s Unveils New Tubeless Holeshot Biofibre Sealant


Peaty’s has launched a new formula for its Holeshot Biofibre tubeless putty, after two years of development. He claims that the updated sealer will “correct all wrongs” of the version it replaces.

Peaty’s Thick, White Tubeless Putty has received a number of mixed reviews over the years. While it certainly has its strengths, it’s far from perfect, which may explain why it’s not on our list of the best tubeless sealants in 2022.

The new sealant sits alongside the Holeshot Puncture Plug Kit and C02 Inflator that were recently released by the brand named after its co-founder and downhill legend Steve Peat.

The new Holeshot Biofibre sealant replaces Peaty’s current offering, which hasn’t always been a hit with riders. Due to some batch inconsistencies in 2017, success with the rather thick putty (compared to others on the market) was a bit hit and miss.

While those early manufacturing issues improved, Peaty’s says it was determined to further perfect the product, with the goal of creating a sealant that was both effective and environmentally friendly.

The brand claims to have tried 23 different formulations and claims the new Biofibre sealant is the best yet.

Peaty’s Holeshot Biofibre Tubeless Putty Details

The introduction of biodegradable cellulose fibers is said to result in a more reliable seal.
Andy Lloyd / Our media

More fiber in the diet

The new formula includes fully biodegradable cellulose fibers in the water-based, ammonia-free latex, which Peaty says helps provide a faster, more reliable seal.

Peaty’s original sealant did not include any fibers in the sealant. According to the brand, the quickest and easiest way to achieve a quick seal is to include microplastic fibers in the sealant (these bind to the particles and latex to help plug the hole quickly).

Microfibers are cheap, but terrible for the planet. As a result, Peaty’s chose to avoid them in the new sealant.

After years of research, the brand claims to have found a biodegradable alternative that works effectively. The new sealant is supposed to be eco-friendly, while Peaty’s claims it seals holes faster.

There will, of course, be times when the sealant won’t be enough to plug the hole and you’ll have to come to the rescue with a tire plug. Peaty’s says it tested the new formula with every tire plug it could find to make sure the Biofibre sealant works with everyone.

The new-look sealant is supposed to work well for at least six months before its performance begins to decline.

witness the thickness

Peaty’s tells us that the new formula is thinner than the one it replaces.
Andy Lloyd / Our media

Peaty’s previous version of sealant was quite thick compared to many of its competitors. While this helped coat the inside of the tire, it lacked the mobility to move around and reach the holes quickly enough to seal them before too much air was lost.

Peaty’s claims the new formula is thinner and much more mobile, although it claims it still has the ability to coat interior sidewalls effectively. This is supposed to help prevent it from losing too much pressure after the initial setup.

This has been achieved by adding a higher concentration of sealing compounds, which Peaty says helps give a better and longer lasting seal, when used in conjunction with pads (small pieces of biodegradable glitter floating in mastic) and biofibers.

Peaty’s says its new sealant will work in temperatures between -20°C and 50°C and at pressures of 15 to 120 psi.

Fill the gap

Black is the new blue in Peaty’s updated Holeshot Biofibre tubeless sealant.

Like its predecessor, the new sealant contains platelets – formerly called “blue flakes” that could be seen floating inside the bottle or glistening inside a used tire.

According to Peaty’s, these bind like platelets in your blood and help stem the flow of air from any puncture holes.

The pads of the new formula are black. According to Peaty, the main reason for changing this color is that they look less messy and don’t stand out as much if you spill the sealant.

These black pads would be completely biodegradable. The brand claims that the new sealant will consistently seal up to 6mm of holes, and potentially up to 8mm.

We haven’t tested the new sealant yet, but keep your eyes peeled for a review in the not-too-distant future.

Peaty Holeshot Tubeless Conversion Kit Details

The conversion kit includes rim tape, black Mk2 valves and a pouch of the new sealant.

Along with the new sealant formula, Peaty’s released a tubeless conversion kit.

The kit comes in fully biodegradable packaging with instructions for the three-step tubeless setup process. Further information and video guides are available on the Peaty’s website.

Also included are Peaty’s printed silver rim tape, black Mk2 valves (with one valve cap that doubles as a core puller, while the other can be used to squeeze spokes) and new Holeshot Biofibre sealant .

Peaty’s Holeshot Biofibre Tubeless Putty Price Information

Sealant containers of different sizes are available. The sizes and prices are as follows:

  • 120ml: £7.99 / €9.99 / $11.99
  • 500ml: £19.99 / €22.99 / $29.99
  • 1 litre: £29.99 / €34.99 / $44.99

Peaty’s recommends the following sealant volumes:

  • Road: 45ml
  • Cyclocross: 75 ml
  • 26 inch MTB: 80 ml
  • 27.5 inch mountain bike: 90 ml
  • 29 inch MTB: 120 ml

Peaty’s Holeshot Tubeless Conversion Kit Pricing Information

  • Road/gravel kit, 21mm tape / 60mm valves / 120ml sealant: £44.99 / €51.99 / $59.99
  • Cross country/trail MTB kit, 25mm tape / 42mm valves / 240ml sealant: £49.99 / €57.99 / $67.50
  • MTB downhill/enduro kit, 30mm tape / 42mm valves / 240ml sealant: £49.99/€57.99/$67.50
  • Wide downpipe kit, 35mm tape / 42mm valves / 240ml sealant: £49.99 / €57.99 / $67.50

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