Police encourage motorcycle safety


KENTUCKY (WFIE) – Warm weather, sunny skies and summer events make it tempting for motorcyclists to get out on the road.

Unfortunately this time of year tends to have more fatalities and injuries caused by wrecks.

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Events like the Kentucky Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis mean more motorcycles are on the road right now.

Kentucky State Police officials say the majority of wrecks involving motorcycles and other vehicles are not the fault of the motorcyclist.

Nicer weather in the spring, summer and early fall not only means more vehicles, but also more types of vehicles on the road; including motorcycles, bicycles and agricultural equipment.

“With more vehicles, heavier traffic, there is a greater possibility of being involved in some type of collision. Now you put it on a motorcycle or a two-wheeled bicycle, obviously your risk increases of some type of injury or even death, and that’s something we want to avoid,” Cavalier Corey said. King.

Police encourage all drivers to limit distractions while driving, put down their phones and watch their speed.

If you ride a motorcycle they say to wear reflective clothing, as well as clothing that could protect you from the asphalt in the event of a collision.

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