Police issue warning amid bike thefts in Brighton and Hove


POLICE have issued a warning about bicycle theft.

Brighton and Hove Police say that while they may never be able to eradicate all bike theft from the city, there are ways to deter thieves.

These include double locking the bike to slow down thieves, recording the bike’s frame number to trace back to you, marking it as a visible deterrent and taking removable parts with you.

“Whether your bike is a high-end carbon fiber race machine or an oldie with lots of stories to tell, chances are it’s important and invaluable to you,” a spokesperson said. of the font.

“Unfortunately bike theft is very real and there are many determined thieves out there who will not hesitate to steal your pride and joy.

“While we can never eradicate bike theft, there are things you can do to deter and make it harder for thieves.

“If your bike is stolen, please report it to us on 101 or via our website.

“If you think you have witnessed a bike theft, please also report it to us – remember the public are our eyes and ears, we can’t be everywhere, and any information received from you helps us to build a picture and maybe that missing piece of the puzzle.

In 2021, less than one per cent of bike thieves were caught in Brighton and Hove.

An FOI set up by The Argus revealed that only two people had been charged despite 929 bike thefts in the city between January 1 and November 30 last year.

Of 624 bikes stolen in Brighton, 594 investigations were completed with no suspects identified.

In Hove, 295 bike thefts had no identifiable suspects out of the 305 stolen.

The reasons for the remaining numbers were reasons such as evidentiary difficulties or “not applicable”.

A theft has resulted in a “community resolution”, which often means that the person has admitted to the theft or that the victim does not want formal action taken.

Of the total, two people have been charged.


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