Quality Bicycle Products Announces Dates for U of Q 2022 Frostbike Business Summit


Quality Bicycle Products’ premier retailer education event will take place February 15-18, 2022. Over the course of the four days, retailers will attend a variety of webinars that address the key issues that dominate the industry and market today. .

“We have found that our educational offerings continue to be the number one reason retailers frequent Frostbike, so we focus exclusively on education and networking,” said Meghan Gess, Head of Events and Education at Q.

Although there is no exhibition dedicated to this year’s Frostbike, the Q family of brands will still be present. Later in the year, visiting retailers will have the opportunity to meet other suppliers and talk about the product at the U of Q Brand Camp.

Frostbike is open to all employees of Q retailers. Registration opens mid-November.

About Quality Bicycle Products

Quality Bicycle Products works to advance cycling communities and our industry so that everyone can win. From developing our own compelling bicycle and accessory brands, to distributing the most comprehensive portfolio of the industry’s best brands, to triggering advocacy efforts that increase ridership, Q serves as a common thread. that weaves together retailers, suppliers, industry partners and cyclists. With distribution centers in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Colorado, Vancouver and Toronto, Q reaches a network of more than 5,000 independent retailers. As a Certified B Corporation, we strive to be a great business partner and employer, and we have been achieving this for 40 years. For more information on quality bicycle products, visit qbp.com.


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