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Tell us what the product is for and who it is for. What are the builders saying? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

It is a rechargeable inflator in an easily portable form.

Bosch says:

At home or on the go: the intuitive and practical compressed air pump from Bosch

Inflation up to 10.3 bar with real-time measurement and automatic stop function

Ideal for inflating tires (car, motorcycle, bicycle), balls and small water sports equipment

Everything at hand: various adapters are neatly stored in the tool handle

Intuitive and practical: easy to use, ergonomic and small design with large screen

Built-in battery and USB-C charging, brilliantly illuminated by LED light

Pump it up: the feeling of a cordless compressed air pump for intuitive daily work

Small tool, big performance: the EasyPump is Bosch’s intuitive air pump for all applications up to 10.3 bar. The unit’s real-time measurement and preset function provide convenient and accurate inflation results. The pump has a clear interface and a spacious, daylight-readable screen. Its compact and lightweight design makes it an ideal on-the-go companion. Equipped with various adapters, neatly stored in the storage compartment, the EasyPump can inflate all kinds of tires (eg car, bicycle), balls (eg footballs), and even small water sports items. Inflation has never been so easy.

Easily inflate almost any tire and other object

All information at a glance when inflating car tires

Flexibility to inflate smaller objects

Makes quick work of flat bike tires

Also for small water toys

Small pump, big performance and always at hand

Features and Benefits of EasyPump

Pressure inflation accuracy

Precise Pressure Inflation: The pump allows you to preset a desired target pressure. The automatic stop stops the inflation process as soon as this target value is reached.

Perfectly prepared for any task

The integrated accessory storage contains a selection of the most common adapters (ball needle, French valve adapter, balloon adapter), neatly stored in a compartment.

Easy to read even in broad daylight

Bosch’s crisp, bright display design makes the screen easy to read, even in bright daylight. Always showing the current value as well as the target value, the screen allows users to keep an eye on the data.

Illuminates the valve area

Integrated above the hose, Bosch’s bright LED light ensures the valve area is always illuminated.

Premium hose for added safety and convenience

The premium hose has a textile cover and a threaded metal coupler, small enough to also reach valves in tight spaces. The removable 24 cm hose is 360° rotatable.

Intuitive and comfortable use, ideal vision

The intuitive control panel guarantees immediate use and offers three different units. 30° tool angle for comfortable reading.

Impressive battery life, easy charging

Universal charging: at home or on the go. USB-C makes charging quick and hassle-free. Battery life ensures long-lasting performance.


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