Rihanna reveals the secret to a sexy night out with A $ AP Rocky | Entertainment


Rihanna showed off her perfect sexy night out with A $ AP Rocky.

The 33-year-old star has opened up about her relationship with the 32-year-old rapper and talked about what she loves about a hot night out with her man.

Asked what turns her on, she tells E! News’ ‘Daily Pop’: “I love the incense, the herb, the cologne and a little bit of hard work.”

She also responded to the idea of ​​the beloved couple joining forces for next year’s Super Bowl halftime show.

She teased, “We’ll see. I mean, the Super Bowl, who’s not in it?”

Meanwhile, the “Diamond” hitmaker admitted she struggled during the pandemic as she found things “difficult” mentally.

She told Vogue magazine: “It was hard. Hard for everyone – mentally, especially. The world was meaningless.

“I was able to stay still for a long time. Inspiration finally came when I remembered the little things I love to do, the simple things that make me happy: shopping, walking, cycling, cooking.

“These little things that I’m trying to fit into my lifestyle now that the outside is opening up again and we’re about to go back to what things used to be like right away. make sure I always keep these things in my life.

When it comes to her own self-confidence, Rihanna – who is launching her new Savage x Fenty collection this week – has revealed her secret.

She explained: “I make a point of being present, I look at what surrounds me, who is around me.

“And then I’m just grateful for those things; grateful for the moment. I think about how far we’ve come. And how much worse it could be – I could have missed it all.”

However, there are still days when she doesn’t feel so confident, and she also has a tip for that.

She added, “Pretend. Pretend, my daughter. You have your days when you do and your days when you don’t, but go your way, be sure. You belong here, you are sexy. Own your shit. “


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