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Neil Johnson, 46, of Catlettsburg, Ky., Won first place in the Ironton River Run, with a final time of 21: 51.8. (The Ironton Tribune | Heath Harrison)

More than 60 runners came to Ironton on Saturday to participate in an event to raise funds for the renovation of murals on the city’s flood wall.

The Ironton River Run was a 5km fundraising event hosted by the local nonprofit Third and Center.
Amanda Cleary of Third and Center hosted Saturday’s event and was also one of the runners. Wall.

She said the mayor of Ironton, Sam Cramblit, had agreed to partial consideration for the funds they are raising.

Cleary said the hope is to show the value of art in a community by showcasing local artists for new murals. She said they also spoke with Robert Dafford, who did the murals for the Portsmouth flood wall, and that he pledged to do a panel.

Earlier this summer, Third and Center funded a new mural on one of the northern portions of the wall, a three-panel mural by art students from Ironton and St. Joseph High Schools.

Third and Center, formed by Cleary and Abby Kuehne, its co-owner of the former The Vault market in Third and Center streets, has secured funding for several projects around Ironton, including artistic bike racks, murals on sidewalks and swings by the river.

The participants in the race were from young children to 70 years old. The trail started at the Rotary Fountain, with runners running along the riverside and up Park Avenue.

Neil Johnson, 46, of Catlettsburg, Ky., Came first with a time of 21: 51.8.
In second place was Ron Fairchild of Stambaugh, Ky., At 22:21.0, followed by Christopher Jewel of Ironton, at 23:02.7.

One of the participating children put on an impressive performance, with Baylor Fry, 10, of Chesapeake, taking fourth place in

24: 14.9, while Brendan Dawson, 15, of Ashland, Ky., Completed the top five with 25: 15.2.
Another child of the event, Ealynn Virgin, 9, from Kitts Hill, also achieved a remarkable feat. Not only did she finish 9th in 26: 57.8, but she was also the top runner in the race, ahead of many adults.

All runners completed the course in less than an hour.

The race was also sponsored by several local businesses.

Top 10 Graduates at Ironton River Run
1. Neil Johnson
2. Ron Fairchild
3. Christophe Bijou
4. Baylor Fry
5. Brendan Dawson
6. Adam Fry
7. Robbie Wellman
8. James Evans
9. Virgo Ealynn
10. Julie Crum

– For more photos from the race, see this weekend’s Focus page.


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