Road Safety Week Police advise speed enthusiast YouTuber to drive 30 km / h on Kolkata roads



A student who posted videos on social media showing he was cycling around town at speeds of up to 173 km / h was forced to drive 30 km / h with a helmet on Thursday.

The occasion was a Safe Drive Save Life campaign led by Bidhannagar Police.

Mohammad Shakeeb, 22, who has 42,000 Instagram followers and runs a YouTube channel by the name of official_madpilot, posted videos of himself walking through town.

One of these videos shows Shakeeb’s lime green Kawasaki Ninja 650 speedometer clocking in at over 150 km / h as it traverses the flyover of Parama and the flyover of AJC Bose Road in Kolkata.

Another shows Shakeeb’s bike going through daytime traffic on the Red Route at 173 km / h.

A capture of one of the videos (below) uploaded by Mohammad Shakeeb.

The telegraph

Shakeeb wanted to “inspire” other bikers, he said.

He did it on Thursday, but differently.

Police spotted his videos on social media. Shakeeb, a resident of Free School Street in central Kolkata, was contacted by Bidhannagar Police and advised to practice safer driving habits.

He was named the “main guest” at Thursday’s event in New Town where he was invited to lead a motorcycle rally on New Town’s main road at a slow pace to encourage safe riding habits among motorcyclists. .

A third-year Bachelor of Commerce student at a college in South Kolkata, Shakeeb said he had only been riding his two-wheeler for three years. He “took inspiration” from some of the city’s bikers he knew and tried to follow the trend by recording his rides on motorcycle blogs.

“Motorcycle blogging is my passion. I never ride without a helmet. In fact, the motorcycle blogging camera is attached to my helmet. The only mistake I made was speeding up, ”Shakeeb, who lives next to Park Street, said Thursday.

Shakeeb received a call from Bidhannagar police asking him to report to the electronics complex police station. There, an officer with the rank of Deputy Commissioner advised him to give up his dangerous driving habits and encouraged him to drive safely.

“I was scared because I knew I had made a mistake while accelerating. But I’m not alone and there are so many motorcycle bloggers like me who are much better known than me. But when the gentleman started counseling me, I realized the value of my life and how affected my family would be if something happened to me, ”said Shakeeb, who lives with his parents and a younger sister, who is also a student.

He said his family were initially reluctant and upset when police invited him as the main guest of their traffic program because he was being recognized for “the wrong reasons.”

“When I received a call from the police in Bidhannagar, initially, my father was very upset because I was called by the police for speeding. He berated me saying he never thought the gift he gave me (the bike) would make me a law breaker. But I convinced him by promising him that I was not going to break the traffic rules anymore, ”Shakeeb said. The telegraph.

Meet Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Commissioner of Bidhannagar, said the police had tried to make him understand what impact his misadventures could have on his family and loved ones.

“Today, he came with some of his friends who are also committed to respecting the highway code. Thanks to “Safe drive save life”, we try to bring about changes in the behavior of motorists. It was also part of the same effort, ”he said.

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