Scales Lake Beach in Boonville, IN Announces 2022 Opening Date


You don’t have to take a road trip to the ocean to enjoy the beach. All you need to do is drive to Boonville, Indiana to enjoy the beach at Scales Lake Park.

Scales Lake Park in Boonville is an awesome place to spend the summer. You can camp, fish, kayak, canoe, bike the trails, visit the petting zoo, and more. I’ve been there my whole life, and one of the coolest things about Scales Lake is the lake itself. In particular, the beach.

Scales Lake Park Beach

Scales Lake Park is home to a 66 acre lake where you can kayak, rent canoes, John boats, fish and swim. Yes, in case you didn’t know, Boonville has a beach! You can lie in the sun on the sandy beach, swim in the lake and head to the “deep bottom” where the diving board is. Oh, and the giant waterslide they have there is one that kids (and even adults) will want to ride down again and again. You can pack a lunch or enjoy food and drinks from the concession stand while you’re there as well.

Ashley Sollars

Ashley Sollars

Scales Lake Beach 2022 Opening Date

Earlier today, Scales Lake announced the beach’s opening date for the 2022 season, along with other opening weekend updates. Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 28 for opening day. According to them Facebook post:

The beach opens on Saturday May 28. Unfortunately, due to pool issues, the Scales Lake Waterslide will not be open. Prices are reduced to $2 per person. 5 and under are free.

In the comments to this post, someone asked if the Scales Lake waterslide would open during the season. Scales Lake responded by saying, “We’re not sure at this time. We hope so.” Be sure to follow them on Facebook with all the latest updates on this.

Scales Lake Beach Rates 2022

As mentioned earlier, since the waterslide is closed, prices have been lowered to $2 per person. When/if it reopens for the 2022 season, below are the daily prices, packages and season passes for the season, as per their website.

Free for children 5 and under

From Monday to Friday


Weekends and Holidays


Package of 6 Beach Entries

From Monday to Friday


Saturdays, Sundays and holiday weekends


Annual entry permits for the beach and waterslides



family of four


Additional family members

$10.00 each

Ashley Sollars

Ashley Sollars

For more information on the beach, fishing, trails, camping and more at Scales Lake Park in Boonville, visit their website at click here.

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