Shingate update: complaints against the shin tape and underwear of the Denmark track team



Following yesterday’s fury over the Danish Olympic Team Pursuit team’s use of cloth tape to gain an aerodynamic advantage, several teams have reportedly protested against the tape on their shins – but also their undershirts.

Britain’s performance director Stephen Park told Tom Cary of the Telegraph that the UCI commissioners ruled that the two pieces of equipment were illegal, according to the regulations of the world governing body.

According to Park, the inner jackets were not available for public sale as of January 1, 2021 and therefore contravene strict UCI rules for commercial availability.

As a result, the Danish team did not use either the shin or the qualifying jackets when they faced Great Britain in the first leg of the heats this morning.

Cary also quoted Park as saying that the undershirts could have provided a “pretty big advantage”, potentially “up to 3%”.

As for how Park might know just how effective these underwear (or underwear as they are more commonly known) can be, it’s interesting that the WorldTour Ineos-Grenadiers team (which has long maintained a close relationship with Britain) also used underwear with what appear to be built-in trigger bands for some time. As far as we can tell, Britain are not using them at the Tokyo Games, however.

As it stands, the UCI has not issued a public statement confirming or reversing the decision, but the absence of shin tape and underwear on the Danish team would appear to confirm that the decision did have. place.



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