Simon Cowell “rushed to hospital” after another bicycle accident | Entertainment


television super producer Simon Cowell is ‘lucky to be alive’ after a recent cycling accident in London left him in hospital.

According to The mirrorthe America’s Got Talent Judge was riding an e-bike near his London home on January 27 when the vehicle slid over a wet area and knocked Cowell to the ground. He was immediately taken to hospital and underwent x-rays.

“He went flying over the handlebars in the middle of the road and is lucky to be alive as he wasn’t wearing a helmet,” an unnamed source reportedly said. The mirror. “There was blood pouring from his face, but luckily he managed to get help from bystanders. He was taken to hospital and x-rays showed he had broken his arm. His arm is in yellow plaster and he is on the mend now but he will need to rest.

This is Cowell’s second bicycle accident in recent years. In 2020, the former american idol Judge was testing his new electric bike in the yard of his Malibu home when he fell and injured his back. He was rushed to hospital and eventually underwent five-hour back surgery to repair his injuries.

Cowell recently wrapped filming a new season of England has an incredible talentand his AGT spin-off series America’s Got Talent: Extreme is slated to premiere on NBC on February 21. Last year he created the new UK music talent show walk the linefor which he was initially to serve as a judge before being replaced by Take That star Gary Barlow.

“Although this is his second big escape, Simon insists he is not giving up the bike – but he will start wearing a helmet,” a source close to Cowell said. The sun.


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