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Wanaka Fish & Game Ranger Paul van Klink is a wildlife specialist. Journalist Marjorie Cook discovers that he is also somewhat of an oil enthusiast.

Paperwork and foreclosure – you must hate it when you prefer to hunt or fish.

It’s even worse when you have lurgy, even a non-Covid genre.

This unfortunate triple whammy shut up Mr van Klink for much of August and September, but it had an edge for South Island 50cc scooter fans preparing for a big day out. Wanaka.

The founder of Klinky’s Upper Clutha Scooter Hooter – Klinky is his name and that of the “official” event – might turn to the documentation needed for the 10th annual rally, which is due to hit the roads of Upper Clutha next Saturday.

He also had time to complete his 18 month passion project, a Yamaha RD50 which he found in several parts on the internet.

“I made a traffic management plan, back up plans, an insurance plan… It’s just a nightmare, but I’m getting there with the paperwork,” he said.

After a decade of organizing the rally, Klinky knows what he is doing and knows a lot more about scooters.

He was eager to show off his restored scooter – a 1970s commuter bike and one of the first to feature a disc brake – but he was silent on the route.

“They don’t know until they start using it, really.”

Klinky said he expected the biggest rally to date; at least 70 people had registered.

The 10th anniversary ride was capped at 100 and would include stops to look at the personal bike collections and “a great place for lunch.”

Klinky (50) was living on the West Coast when he was introduced to scooters by his brother Steve.

” Steve came from Christchurch with his pals and lots of motorcycles to do this rally at Kaniere Lake … So I did that and again in 2009.

“I thought, ‘this is so much fun. I rode my sister-in-law Louise’s bike. It was a small Suzuki 50cc. It got me started.

But since then I’ve been restoring bigger bikes now. I’m going into both stages. ”

He now owned 10 motorcycles, mainly two-stroke Suzuki and Yamaha.

“Networking with like-minded people as scooters is my new passion, I guess.

” It’s funny because it’s so polarized on what else I do … you know one of them is in the wild and the bush and the environment and everything and the other is in the smoky two-stroke bike. ”

He had met a few collectors and seen some interesting bikes over the years.

Lots of European stuff that is quite rare, like Puchs and Zundapps and Miele.

The European market is quite special in a way. The Japanese market is made up of all Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.

There were also a few unique bikes, like Raleigh. They are pretty cool … ”

What he liked about small motorcycles was that they could take a long time to make a trip, which means’ it’s not just about speed, going as fast as you can, being there. in five minutes ”.

“Some bikes are quite old. Some are from the 1950s or 1960s. They still have a story to tell. ”

His Scooter Hooter is only open to 50cc scooters, motorcycles or mopeds.

“I’m a bit of a stickler for the rules,” he said.

“It’s 50cc or you come home. Or we throw your bike from the pier into Lake Wanaka.

”No no. I’m just threatening that. The problem is, if you allow one 125, then you get another 125 and you change the purpose of the whole scooter rally. ”

Klinky started the event after meeting a guy at Christchurch Airport who organized a scooter rally and asked him for advice.

Logistically, he was hoping for less than 100 horsemen as he and his comrades had to hunt down lunch.

” We usually make venison sausages and venison bulgogi, that’s the marinated venison you make on the barbecue.

Bulgogi is one of the recipes of the helicopter family, the Wallis.

This is their recipe. I don’t even know how to pronounce it.

I don’t remember how I got it, but I have a photocopy and it has Prue Wallis written on it. Maybe I got it from George Wallis. We went to his place once. ”

The rally is non-profit and over the years Klinky has supported several causes.

This year he donated the money to Friends of Bullock Creek, he said.

” In previous years I gave it to the [Wanaka Fire Brigade] the accident rescue team that went overseas to compete, and the Kea Conservation Trust. ”

There was also the Alan Budge Trophy, made from car parts that Auto Restorations Christchurch Rally regulars donated two years ago.

It was named after a founding member of the rally, the late Alan Budge, of Balclutha.

“He would go up, even if he couldn’t go up,” Klinky said.

He was quite old. He always came to see the bikes, him and his wife.

At the very first rally he called from Balclutha and asked, do we need to bring a packed lunch? It was so cute. ”

The rally begins by the lake, in front of the Kai Whakapai cafe, at 10 a.m.

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