Spin Electric Bike Sharing Program Comes to University Park, State College



UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa .– Penn State Transportation Services is partnering with Borough of State College and Spin, a San Francisco-based Ford Motor Co. micromobility unit, to offer communities at Penn State and State College a new vehicle sharing program. bikes.

Spin’s e-bikes will be available on Monday August 16, starting with a fleet of 75 e-bikes. There is a phased plan to gradually increase the fleet to 300 e-bikes by October.

“We are excited to serve the large Penn State campus community and bring students the latest in e-bike technology, transportation equipment we know they will love,” said John Lankford, Head of E-Bike. campus partnerships for Spin. “We believe Spin’s e-bike program will be a natural and complementary complement to existing public transit, providing students, residents and visitors with a safe and sustainable option for getting around.”

E-bike deployment and parking locations will be established on the University Park campus and the surrounding State College Borough to provide both Penn State and community members with convenient access to the bikes. Users will be able to see all e-bike locations in the Spin app, as well as service areas, no-traffic zones and preferred parking spots on campus and in the borough. Spin electric bikes will have a maximum power assist speed of 15 miles per hour and will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Standard rates for renting a Spin electric bike will be $ 1 to unlock a bike and 25 cents per minute to ride. To celebrate the launch of Spin, however, the unlock fee will be waived until the end of September. At that time, Spin users can continue to enjoy the Bike Unlock Fee Waiver by signing up for a Spin subscription for just $ 6.99 per month. The rental rate of 25 cents per minute will still apply to all users.

Earlier this year, the Penn State University Park campus received the Golden Bicycle Friendly University designation by the League of American Bicyclists for its accomplishments in establishing and promoting a safe and accessible bicycle on campus. Cecily Zhu, sustainable transportation program coordinator for Penn State Transportation Services, said the addition of Spin will build on this achievement by making biking more accessible to more people.

“Our partnership with Spin will expand our ability to provide students, employees and our Penn State community with a more accessible and sustainable transportation option both on and off campus,” Zhu said.

For the Borough of State College, already known for its extensive bicycle network and support for cycling, the Spin E-Bike Bike Share program is directly linked to its strategic goal of being a planned and socially sustainable community. Borough management wants all citizens to take advantage of the affordable mode of transportation offered by the program.

“We are very happy to see the first bikes arriving in our community and to see residents move around the community using our bicycle system,” said Jasmine Fields, Sustainability Program Manager at State College Borough. “This program will help improve the way people travel at State College and help us meet our bike-friendly community and climate action goals.”

Users of Spin e-bikes must be at least 18 years old to ride, and Penn State and Spin encourage individuals to wear helmets while riding. Users should also obey local traffic laws and Pennsylvania State Rules and Regulations for Campus Biking.

For more information, download the Spin app or visit the Turn the page on the Penn State Transportation Services website.



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