Spotted: Orbea riders are on a new Rallon frame at the EWS in Loudenville



The Orbea Fox Enduro team turned to the Loudenville EWS with what appears to be a new Rallon enduro frame.

So far we’ve seen Damien Oton, Laura Charles, and Vid Persak all riding the black and white camouflage-splashed bike. The painting is meant to obscure the design of a frame but more often than not draws attention to it.

The current generation Rallon frame was released in June 2017 and then updated in 2019 with the Rally On Linkage which added 10mm of travel as well as increased progression and sensitivity. Two years later, it looks like Orbea decided to update the bike again, although from the photos we have it looks more like an evolution of the current design than a complete overhaul.

It looks like the asymmetrical frame design remains, but we suspect there have been some changes to the linkage as the link that connects the seatstay to the seat tube now appears to be solid where there used to be a hole. On the front triangle, it looks like changes have been made to the head tube area as well, but that’s hard to tell based on the cleverly composed shots from social media. An Instagram post from GMBN Tech also reveals that there’s storage in the down tube and a neat tool that’s built into one of the links.

We have contacted Orbea for more information and our photographers in the field are trying to get clearer and side photos of the bike. We will update this article as more information becomes available.



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