Sunset4All at Transportation Comm today a lawsuit was filed against Colorado Blvd BRT and a monorail dino race on a foldie


Before you start, don’t forget to free up your time for today’s Transportation Committee meeting at 3:00 p.m.

As we discussed yesterday, the LA City Council committee will be looking at several bike-related issues, including:

  • Sunset4All’s efforts to build a protected two-way bike path on Sunset Blvd;
  • A protected bike path on Riverside Drive and Stadium Way;
  • Encourage the newly legal installation of cameras in metro buses;
  • Increased LADOT budget and staff for the Slow Streets program.

You can find the full agenda here, along with a link to listen live online and instructions on how to comment.


No surprise here.

the east side reports that a lawsuit has been filed over the recently approved conversion of Complete Streets from Colorado Blvd to Eagle Rock to accommodate the NoHo bus rapid transit line in Pasadena.

The complaint states, among other things, that the Metro’s board of directors violated the state’s open meeting law by failing to follow proper procedures before holding a public meeting on April 28 by teleconference rather than in person. At this meeting, the transit agency’s board of directors approved the rapid transit bus route between North Hollywood and Pasadena, which would pass through Eagle Rock.

The lead petitioner also accuses Metro of not informing him of the meeting. Because apparently the transportation agency is required to reach out to every person in the county who might somehow miss the public meeting notice that the rest of us seem to find.


No nothing.

Just a rush hour race between a cyclist on a foldable and a dinosaur on a monorail.


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bikes continues.

A Toronto driver was caught on video nearly causing an accident after driving several blocks along a sidewalk-protected bike lane.

Taken on the CP24 helicopter this morning. Adelaide Construction. The driver of the car thinks the bike lane is a car lane and almost causes a torontobiking accident

Briton says she nearly fell off her bike after taxi driver ignored her no stop signs to prevent it from entering a cycle path.

But sometimes it’s people on two wheels who misbehave.

If you’re going to ride a bike pulling a freshly broken into safe on a trailer, maybe try disguising it a bit.



Caltrans is finally getting its act together to protect the bike lanes on the east side of the newly rebuilt Burbank Blvd bridge. Yet, oddly, he thinks it is acceptable to have ten lanes of pedestrian traffic crossing, having removed the sidewalk on the north side of the bridge.

Streets For All lists a number of volunteer opportunities to support LA Transportation PAC-endorsed candidates during the final week before Election Day.


A new three-quarter million, 3.7-mile protected bike path will stretch along El Camino Real from San Bruno to Burlingame in San Mateo County in the Bay Area.


Treehugger examines how drivers can be allies to people on bicycles and other non-motorized vehicles.

Ride a bike says bike libraries are growing in popularity, with at least 35 currently in operation in the United States. As usual, read it on Yahoo if the magazine blocks you.

Following the resounding success of Denver’s e-bike rebate program, Colorado will introduce a statewide rebate program based on the citywide one. Meanwhile, California’s e-bike rebate scheme still hasn’t worked.

In a story that could come from any city, an article from Houston examines the dangers faced by cyclists from a disconnected bike network, which forces cyclists into actions that irritate drivers for their own security. And give motorists permission to get rid of that anger.

Market watch says South Dakota is the perfect place to use as a home base if you plan on biking everywhere after you retire. ‘Cause you wouldn’t have to, you know, live there if you’re still on the road, of course.

A writer for MN streets says Minnesota drivers are generally happy to share the road, unless you want to turn left.

More heartbreaking and horrifying details about the Ohio woman who lost her leg when she was attacked by dogs; she fought the dogs alone for 20 minutes after being separated from her group and puncturing her bike, before succumbing to the attack. Unfortunately, it is the dogs that are likely to be punished, rather than the owner who let them run in the first place.e.

Momentum says New York’s plan to offer a bounty to drivers blocking bike lanes could be a lifesaver. And help the children of cyclists to go to university.

Heather Graham is one of us, as the actress takes a romantic bike ride through New York with her boyfriend.

weekly cycling revisits the recent Philly Bike Expo, focusing on various bike builders and their bikes.


Planetizer goes back to the basics of defining cycling infrastructure and how to overcome objections.

The Guardian offers advice on buying an e-bike, as two-thirds of Britons plan to cycle to work to cut transport costs.

It takes a big moron to steal a bike from an English ranger after he stops to help an injured mountain biker.

The head of British Cycling has been forced to resign, three weeks after announcing misguided greenwashing sponsorship by Shell Oil, as well as advising people not to cycle at the Queen’s funeral, which was later cancelled.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has urged climate activists to be more creative and avoid putting others at risk after a recent protest delayed first responders’ access to a cyclist trapped under a cement mixer.

They get it. A doctor in Nepal says the future belongs to bicycles – if we can make it safer and more adaptable to the user.

Tokyo police are stepping up their crackdown on fraudulent cyclists.

Competitive cycling

The Gravel Cycling Hall of Fame is accepting nominations for its second class of inductees. Which doesn’t mean they’ll accept second-class inductees.

To finish…

Of course, knighthood is no protection against bike thieves. That feeling when the caste system also applies to bicycles.

And the road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but at least you can ride it (click for full image).


Be safe and stay healthy. And get vaccinated, already.

Oh, and damn Poutine too.


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