Surat: Maldhari Samaj Hull Outside SMC Office: Allegation That Legal Stables Are Abolished | Surat: Hull outside Maldhari Samaj company office: Allegation that legal stables are being abolished


The atmosphere became tense at one point as Maldhari Samaj staged a protest in Mughalsara today amid a campaign by the municipality to remove stray livestock and illegal stables. Maldhari Samaj sent a petition to the City Commissioner today and made different observations that not all stables in the city are illegal.

A large number of bike rallies were organized by Maldhari community leaders and a large number of citizens who gathered in Dabholi this morning to protest against Mughalsara. The Maldhari society also alleged that the alleged arbitrary operation of removal of stray cattle and illegal stables by the Manpa caused heavy financial losses to the Maldhari society. Meanwhile, petitioners who came to Mughalsara were also severely harassed following the protest with slogans.

On the other hand, the atmosphere became tense at some point after the Maldhari community attempted to enter Mugilsara and the main gate was forced closed by the marshals – the security personnel. Meanwhile, it was submitted by the leaders of the Maldhari community who came to send a complaint letter to the municipal commissioner that even the stables which are not illegal are being demolished by the Manpa and as a result the Maldhari community is suffering greatly. financial loss.

We can mention that, for three days, the Manpa has been leading a campaign to dismantle illegal barns in different neighborhoods. As part of this, on the first day, a large number of illegal stables were removed in areas such as Amba Talawadi in Katargam area. Over the past two days, no less than 46 illegal stables have been removed from Jahangirabad Botanical Garden in and around Rander area.



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