The city goes green + cycling on metro tracks goes viral



Hello, New York! Today is Wednesday September 22.

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Your titles: In four short years, Mayor Bill De Blasio says, the entire New York government will be powered by renewable energy sources.

“Oh my God, oh no, no, no, no, no …” These are the words of a straphanger as an as yet unidentified person threw a bike onto the tracks before an oncoming R train last night. See it for yourself.

And a second woman stepped forward to accuse billionaire Leon Black for raping her, this time in Jeffrey Epstein’s famous townhouse.

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Now the weather forecast for the day: Possible light rain overnight. Top: 74, bottom: 71.

Here are the best stories in New York City today:

  1. Is the UN host a super-spreader Event? (WABC-TV)
  2. Another inmate has death in prison at Rikers Island. (Amsterdam News)
  3. Concerns about school safety rise after a notch in the Bronx. (Norwood News)
  4. A woman has been found death in a stolen car, according to New York Police. (New York Post )
  5. Landlords and tenants can “go green” thanks to a new city program. (NY1 Spectrum News)
  6. New York ranked best state for teachers in 2021. (NEWS10 ABC)

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Today in New York:

  • Student Block Party[EastSideCommunityHighSchool(AllDay)[EastSideCommunityHighSchool(AllDay)[EastSideCommunityHighSchool(Toutelajournée)[EastSideCommunityHighSchool(AllDay)
  • Komae In-Depth Discussions: Worry vs. Anxiety – Supporting Your Child’s Coping Skills and Emotions. (12:30 p.m.)
  • PTA – School of Young Women’s Leadership. (6 p.m.)
  • Free information session | 100 hour mindfulness meditation teacher training with David Nichtern. (6 p.m.)
  • Harlem Hebrew School Board Meeting – Harlem Hebrew Language Academy. (6.30 p.m.)

New York City Notebook

  • New York Yankees: “Monday night was all I hoped it would be.” (Instagram)
  • Central park: “One of the most peaceful spots in the park, the ravine is defined by a long, narrow stream – called the Loch – that winds through its forests. Trees and streaming waterfalls block the cityscape. surrounding; a true retreat. ” (Facebook)
  • New York Historical Society: ““ The main thing is to take care. Be very careful, even if it’s just a game you are playing. “#OnThisDay In 1973, Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in the” Battle of the Sexes. ” Over 90 million viewers witnessed his victory. “(Facebook)
  • NYC POINT: “#ChildSafety can start before birth! If you have a car, make sure your car seat is properly installed before baby arrives. Infants and toddlers should travel in a rear-facing car seat for 2 years or more. #CarSeatSafety #VisionZero “(Facebook)
  • Bryant Park: “Hello everyone, watch the Town Hall NYC Centennial Concert tonight: you can watch our website or YouTube below as it is highly likely that our Facebook live stream has been temporarily taken down due to a copyright infringement claim. ” (Facebook)

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  • Occupy Wall Street: Its Impact 10 Years Later (September 22)
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  • Infrastructure: past, present and future (September 23)
  • Nice finish! Shannon Pot comedy show (September 24)

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