The future begins in southwest Finland



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If you live in Dubai, you might have walked a little piece of Finland without even realizing it.

“Some floating structures in Dubai have been developed here in the Turku region,” says Tero Piispanen, senior manager of Turku Science Park Ltd. “The Turku region is known around the world for its strong maritime industry.

The Turku region is located on the Finnish coast, almost in the heart of Northern Europe. The area is big enough to get things done but small enough to be nimble and innovative. In particular, Turku is strong in high-tech and knowledge-based industries.

“The first university in Finland was founded here, and today we are still knowledge-driven,” Piispanen continues. “Southwest Finland has 7 higher education institutions. The city of Turku has a population of around 200,000 and more than 20 percent of the inhabitants of Turku are students of higher education.

Cutting-edge research for occupational health

One of the keys to Turku’s popularity for R&D is how private companies, the public sector and universities work together to solve problems. This multidisciplinary approach is based on a foundation of stability, predictability and security in the operating environment.

Piispanen cites machine learning, industrial technology and health technologies as exciting industries in the region. There are a number of healthcare tech companies in Turku, ranging from breakthrough startups to established multinational players. Although they have a wide variety of health specialties, Piispanen notes that diagnostics, biomaterials and pharmaceuticals are among the fastest growing sectors.

“Companies from the Turku region have participated in the Arab Health event for several years,” he says. “It’s always great to talk about our innovative solutions and find opportunities for collaboration in Dubai. “

Innovative clean technologies

Another booming industry in search of talented workers and partners is clean technology. The city of Turku takes sustainability seriously, aiming to be carbon neutral by 2029. Clean technology is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors in the world and the Turku region is emerging as a a global forerunner in future growth industries, such as electric transport, bioeconomy and circular economy.

“A great example of innovation from the Turku region is a start-up that has developed new technology to recover precious metals from used batteries and industrial side streams. Today, this revolutionary technology is further developed by the Finnish company Fortum, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of recycling lithium in electric vehicle (EV) batteries ”, said Linda Fröberg-Niemi, CEO of the new Green Industry Park in the area. . “The founder of the company conducted research at a university here, so this is a success of our regional skills in science and innovation.”

“There are many interesting business opportunities in Turku, but we cannot forget the quality of life here,” says Fröberg-Niemi. “The city is clean, safe and works well. People can come to Turku to work or invest, but they find so much more to enjoy here.



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