The Moto Parilla Tricolore electric mountain bike has more carbon fiber than your favorite superbike


Italian automaker Moto Parilla stands out from the competition with its off-the-shelf two-wheelers. Their Carbon and Ultra Carbon really intrigued my interest in Cyberpunk looks. Now they’re back with another two-wheeler in the same league.

Discover the Tricolore electric mountain bike, which is more of a high-performance two-wheeler in its own right for dirt tracks. The Reggio Emilia-based company is currently at the EICMA 2022 show in Milan for the launch of this pedal-assisted enduro mountain bike.

Creator: Moto Parilla

Ditching the contemporary triangular structure found on most road bikes, the eMTB gets a new design for good measure. The two-wheeler has the basic functionality of an e-bike while having the durability of a rugged mountain bike. It’s the best combination one could ask for with the laurels of having more carbon fiber used for the monocoque frame than some of the much-loved superbikes on offer.

Carbon fiber is used for the single-sided swingarm and aerospace aluminum for the mechanical parts is a clear sign of the high-end brand of two-wheelers. The eco-friendly aspect comes in the form of fully recyclable hemp blankets to cover the wires, which is another plus. Unsurprisingly, the eMTB weighs only 46 lbs despite having a carbon-Kevlar housing with an integrated cooling system.

Tricolore is powered by a 250W Polini E-P3+ MX mid-motor delivering 600 watts, generating 90Nm of torque to take the e-bike to a top speed of 15.5mph. For more trail riding options, the Ride comes equipped with a set of SRAM 12-speed gears and a removable 880 Wh battery that adds 62 miles to the range. According to Moto Parilla, the bike has very good balance thanks to the high quality suspension, and of course great handling thanks to the lightweight carbon fiber frame.

The pilot gets all vital information on the adaptive 2.5-inch color LCD display. Visibility is also sorted with front and rear lighting built into the frame. Pricing and availability for Tricolore have yet to be revealed, but expect a hefty price tag. What is known is that it will come in four variants – one of them having a Bafang M620 engine producing 118 lb-ft of torque.

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