The Nox Helium Enduro and All-Mountain 2022 electric mountain bikes receive the Fazua Ride 50 Trail motor


Nox Cycles has added a new range of Helium Enduro and All-Mountain e-MTBs featuring the Fazua Ride 50 Trail motor, lighter and more versatile versions of the more performance-oriented Brose motor-equipped bikes. In addition to new geometry and frame designs for 2022, the new bikes benefit from the modular design of the Fazua drive unit which allows for easy removal, meaning these eMTBs can be switched to a version acoustics on their own, then again as you see good.

Nox Helium Enduro and All-Mountain Electric Mountain Bikes 2022

2022 nox helium enduro emtb engine fazua

The Nox Helium Enduro 7.1 eMTB 2022 uses mixed wheel sizes and is driven by the Fazua RIDE 50 Trail motor

First introduced in 2019, Nox Cycles’ line of Enduro and All-Mountain electric mountain bikes are getting a major overhaul for this model year. The Helium 2022 eMTBs (and the All-Mtn) use the same linkage design as their Brose motor-equipped hybrid eMTBs; which provides a whopping 180mm of rear wheel travel on the Helium Enduro 7.1 and 160mm of rear wheel travel on the Helium All-Mtn 5.9.

2022 nox helium enduro alloy swingarm carbon front triangle

The original Helium Enduro used a 29er wheelset, while the new bike is a mixed-wheel rig with a 29er wheel up front and a 27.5er wheel in the rear. The Helium All-Mtn retains its 29″ wheelset for 2022. Nox Cycles offers three models of each; Pro, Expert and Comp, all featuring a carbon front triangle and aluminum swingarm.

The 180mm-travel Enduro 7.1 eMTB gets a head tube angle of 64.1° paired with a fairly slack (in modern terms) seat tube angle of 73.6°.

2022 nox helium enduro geometry

Both frame size options offer reach measurements of 437mm and 466mm, respectively. The length of the base is adjustable thanks to a flip-chip, going from 450 mm in the short position to 465 mm in the long position.

2022 nox helium all atv emtb

The Nox Helium All-Mtn 5.9 2022 electric mountain bike

The Helium All-Mtn geometry is almost identical to that of the Enduro platform despite its 29″ wheelset and 160mm of rear wheel travel. A head angle of 64.2° is paired with a seat tube angle of 73.7°, with reach measurements of 438mm and 467mm on the medium and large frames, respectively. The length of the base is also adjustable between 450 mm and 465 mm.

2022 nox helium all-mtn geometry chart

Nox Cycles tells us that the new e-bikes are designed to ride very naturally, more like a regular mountain bike than an eMTB. This is consistent with the fact that the Fazua RIDE 50 Trail motor is by no means the most powerful on the market, producing a peak torque value of 58Nm, compared to the 85Nm you’ll get from a Shimano EP8.

removable drive unit nox helium fazua

Nox Helium eMTBs come with a regular downtube cover when you want to switch from electric to acoustic mode

The modular design of the Fazua drive unit allows the rider to remove the battery and motor unit from the bike, converting Nox Helium eMTBs into acoustic versions of themselves. The conversion significantly reduces the weight of the bike, although the 1.2kg bottom bracket part of the Fazua drive unit (the gearbox) remains in place – this is where the torque sensors are located and double-sided rate.

track fazua ride 50

The Fazua RIDE 50 Trail Drive Unit with 252Wh battery

In the Fazua Motor line, the RIDE 50 Trail motor sits above their Evation motor, and is said to be 10% more powerful with increased motor efficiency, and it is 6% lighter. On Nox Helium bikes, the motor is paired with a 252Wh battery on their “Short Track” models and two 252Wh batteries on the “Long Track” models.

Price and availability

Pricing for the 2022 Nox Helium Enduro 7.1 Electric Mountain Bike starts at €5,799 for the Comp version, including a RockShox Yari RC, RockShox Super Deluxe Select Coil shock, SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain and DT SWISS H 1900 wheelset. extra €200 gets you the extra 252Wh battery.

The Nox Helium All-Mtn 5.9 eMTB Comp 2022 retails for €5,799, with a RockShox 35 Gold RL fork, RockShox Super Deluxe Select air shock, DT SWISS H1900 wheelset and SRAM NX 12-speed drivetrain. For more information on pricing and specs, head to the Nox Cycles website.


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