The public is invited to the ScooterLNK safety event on October 6 – City of Lincoln, NE



The public is invited to the ScooterLNK safety event on October 6 – City of Lincoln, NE

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Posted on September 29, 2021

Lincoln Transportation and Utilities (LTU) invites the public to attend a ScooterLNK safety education event on Wednesday, October 6 on 17th Street North between “R” and “S” Streets near the downtown campus of the ‘University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The free event will run from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and will present the safety and operating rules of electric scooters. Free rides and helmets will be offered to event participants.

Since the start of the ScooterLNK pilot program in September 2020, there have been more than 82,000 electric scooter trips.

Operating guidelines include:

  • Drivers must be over the age of 18 and hold a valid motor vehicle driver’s license.
  • Runners are requested to wear a helmet for safety reasons.
  • Riders must follow all traffic rules, signals and signs.
  • Cyclists should use cycle lanes or vehicle lanes with the flow of traffic.
  • Cyclists must yield to pedestrians and walk on electric scooters on sidewalks when parking.
  • Only one rider is allowed on an electric scooter at a time.
  • Electric scooters are only allowed on city streets or street cycle lanes that are within the pilot program area.
  • Drivers should not operate electric scooters under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Electric scooters are not permitted on StarTran buses.
  • Electric scooters are not permitted on sidewalks, hiking or biking trails, or on UNL property.

Electric scooters can be parked in the following areas:

  • In the furniture / landscape area of ​​the City sidewalk public right-of-way next to bicycle racks, garbage cans or flower pots.
  • Parked electric scooters should leave at least four feet of usable walking space around them.
  • In city designated scooter parking areas (a map of designated parking areas is available on the ScooterLNK website).

Electric scooters will be disinfected and disinfected after each use during this event. LTU encourages guests to wear masks during this event and to maintain a distance of six feet between them. This event will also include e-bikes from the BikeLNK program.

For more information on the ScooterLNK program, vendor applications, and a list of safety and usage guidelines, visit or contact LTU Traffic Engineering Transportation Planner Roberto Partida at 402-440 -7239 or at rpartida @ lincoln.



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