The very first cycling rally held at the Hidden Valley Golf Course



GLEN DANIEL, WV (WOAY) – Bikers prepare for the first annual Valley Rally at the Hidden Valley Golf Course in Glen Daniel to participate in a weekend filled with competition events and biking events, and a chance to unite with other bikers from all over the region.

“What caused that was that we had a mud bog at the start of the season and we had all these bikers that came, they brought their grandchildren, their families,” says Rhonda Calloway, co-owner of the Hidden Valley golf course. “They loved our land and approached us with this idea and we were like we were going to give it a try!”

Many biker groups are expected to come to the event, promoting their organizations, showing off their rides and having a good time. Among them are Beckley’s Avengers, eagerly awaiting what this very first rally on the course will have in store.

“It should be a lot of fun! The summer shutdown is a really good event coming up just to end the summer and have a little fun, ”said Kitty Dobson, member of the Avengers biker group.

In addition to selling beer, t-shirts and general promotion of their groups, the event will also be a good way for bikers to exchange bike parts and stories, and just get together to celebrate mutual love: motorcycles.

“I am grateful that we are able to provide this to people, there are a lot of people who have contacted us, a lot of people coming, and a lot of them are happy to have just one more event for the year, ”says Calloway.

Mountain bike jumps, weenie bike races and a bike show are just a few of the bike-related events that will take place during this inaugural weekend rally. And, aside from the many cycling events taking place in Hidden Valley this weekend, the rally will also host a few live bands and lots of vendors.

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