Top 10 motorcycle brands that start with V


Several brands of motorcycles are available if you are looking for a motorcycle. Each of these motorcycle brands will have advantages and disadvantages.

You will probably find a long list of motorcycle manufacturers when you ask your biker friends which brand to choose.

But motorcycle brands that start with V are rare. We will talk about some of the best motorcycle brands that start with V in this article.

1. Victory 8-Ball

Unlike other American motorcycle brands, especially Harley-Davidson, which has a long and successful history, Iowa-based Victory Motorcycles wasn’t founded until 1999.

The company went out of business in 2017 after failing to become a major player in the US motorcycle market.

Their inventory still included used Victory bikes, but its standouts were the 8-Ball variants of the Hammer, Vegas, Kingpin, Vision and Cross Country.

Since they are simpler, lower-seat variants of the bikes, the Victory 8-Ball cruisers are more appealing to serious riders. The 8-Ball was unquestionably a fan favorite.

That’s because of its powerful 1,737 cc, 106 cubic inch, V-twin engine that generated 97 horsepower and 113 lb-ft of torque.

It also had a simple and minimalist design. They come with an engine, a smooth transmission, a unique seat, a big front wheel and a price tag of $12,499. You can make one of the finest brands of American motorcycles starting with v.

2. Vincent-HRD

One of the motorcycle brands with V is this one. Long before the Beatles arrived on American soil, they ushered in an era of music dominated by British artists. Several British motorcycle companies made motorcycles that were highly sought after in America.

Philip Conrad Vincent founded the Vincent company. It has become one of the most well-known companies that successfully sold its products in the United States.

Vincent began developing a revolutionary rear suspension while studying mechanical engineering at Cambridge. He then used it to make his first Vincent motorcycle.

Due to its small production run (only 1,700 were made) and the features it offered when first released, the Vincent Black Shadow is a highly sought after motorcycle. Today it sells for between $75,000 and over $250,000.


VOGE, a premium train brand, was unveiled on September 21 by Longxin Common Elements Co., Ltd. at the 15th Chongqing Worldwide Bike Expo.

The current VOGE wants to offer its customers a nice, inexpensive and good quality sportswear brand.

Moreover, the technical details were less important than the humanization of research and creativity using high-tech instruments. The high-speed 64-channel stress test is one such framework. It is also among the top motorcycle brands that start with v.

Siemens is one of the few elite technology companies in the United States that focuses on engagement. Comparable to Ricardo, Reino and AVL in Germany and Austria, as well as Siemens in Italy.

Best Bike: The 500DS VOGE. The models of the bVOGE arrangement are well known for their stylish appearance and competitive prices.

Also, the ideal illustration would be this VOGE 500DS. In terms of quality and execution, it’s quite exceptional.

It is very reliable in terms of performance and solidity and has a long service life. The letterbox is covered by the engine monitor bar, which is supplied as standard equipment.

The locomotive can also be successfully secured. It offers a long distance range of over 300km with a 17.2l fuel tank.

4. Moto Valenti

These motocross-focused brands of motorcycles that begin with V were produced. It all started around 1978 with a company located in Lissone (Milan). 80 cc VE, VX and VX LF versions were produced in the 1980s; the LF had a lightweight alloy frame.

The 1980 air-cooled 125CR and 250CR variants and the 1984 water-cooled 80RC were other models. These vehicles used traditional telescopic forks, twin shock rear suspension and Honda engines.

Additionally, 50cc variants existed, such as the 2015 SM50 motocrosser. Later models upgraded to Ohlins monoshock rear suspension and inverted forks.

5. Vertemati Motorcycles

Next on the list of motorcycle brands that start with V are Alvaro and Guido Vertemati. They started building a motorcycle almost entirely by hand, practically as a gamble, drawing on their motocross skills.

The Vertemati brothers built the C500 when ties with Husaberg broke down. The Austrian KTM acquired it. The C500 had some Husaberg technological innovations.

This includes an airbox under the frame beam to save space. The company’s VOR racing section, which was established in 1998, debuted with the C500 as its initial model. The 492, later known as the 503, was the division’s second model.

After a financial problem, the company was bought by the World Off Road (Groupe Mondial Moto) in 2002, and the name was changed to VOR Motorcycles.

After returning from bankruptcy in 2004, current models come as redesigned Vertemati Racing and Cross that are both Enduro and Supermotard.

Motorcycles can be purchased with a kick start (strictly forward, a VOR function) or an electric motor (but excludes the pedal).

The bikes include Brembo (cross/enduro) and Beringer (with cast iron track and avionics basket) braking systems. Also, WP suspension, billet triple clamps and supermoto braking systems.

6. Wind

Vento Motorcycles is an American manufacturer specializing in the creation and marketing of scooters and cruiser motorcycles. The company was established in Mexico in 1996. Vento is renowned for providing its customers with high quality products at reasonable costs.

In Chile, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Russia combined, 77,600 Vento bicycles were sold that year.

It includes dirt bikes, scooters, utility vehicles and ATVs. In Mexico, Vento sells more compact two-wheelers than the Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki combiATVs.

Although the 250 cc (15 cu in) V-twin engines of those brands of motorcycles that start with V have a fairly thick-bodied fork. This body mimics larger cruisers offered by other manufacturers.

However, they are quite small. Although huge, Vento motorcycles average around 375 pounds (170 kg).

7. Viper Motorcycle

Two 2007 models were presented by Viper motorcycles. It is a producer of “Super Cruiser motorcycles with advanced technology for wealthy enthusiasts”. They claim both models will begin production early in the second quarter of 2006.

Although costs have not been finalized, it depends on the engine and color options. You will have to be rich between $28,000 and $35,000 if you want one.

Three engine sizes are available for those brands of motorcycles that start with V: 115, 128 or 152 cubic inches (or approximately 1900, 2100 or 2500 cc).

A third model, the Viper Dragon created by customizer Donnie Smith, is also shown on the company’s website. The Diamondback and Diablo are the 2007 Viper Motorcycles models that were on display. No specifications for any bike have been made public.

The Diamondback is a new addition to the company’s lineup, while the Diablo is an older model. Both appear to have the same frame style. Both bikes still have the 260mm rear tire from previous models.

Additionally, the same brand of “Proprietary Billet Aluminum” 45-degree air-cooled V-twin engines are used on both bikes. Both have six-speed gearboxes with belt-mounted final drives mounted on the right side of the machine.

8. From Dutch Falcone

A classic and well-known motorcycle brand that starts with V is this one. A 1959 Moto Guzzi Falcone was modified to become the Von Dutch Falcone. Richard H. Cormany commissioned Kenny Howard, aka Von Dutch.

The bike was only two years old when the owner bought it in 1961. He wanted an item of his own. Before Mr. Cormany decided to recruit Howard to perform his magic, the year was turbulent.

The project took 5,000 hours in total. Falcone emerged from the procedure looking completely different.

Along with applying his beautiful gold stripe all over the bespoke body, von Dutch painted the body gloss black. Two compact headlights with separate on/off switches and adjustable height have been added.

In addition, the front fender and the headlight nacelle have been modified. This is how changes could be made while the bike was moving.

9. Volta Motorcycle

One of the contemporary motorcycle manufacturers contributing to our list of motorcycle brands beginning with v is Volta. It is a modern motorcycle that guarantees sporty driving.

Due to the constant high torque, this small motorcycle has a low center of gravity and incredible torque. Thus, the Volta BCN City is ideal for urban travel.

In 2012, at EICMA in Milan, Europe’s most important motor show, Volta unveiled its first electric motorcycle. This state-of-the-art electric motorcycle was created in Barcelona and is named after the city.

Volta BCN has two variants: the City and the Sport. The top speed of both types of engines is 120 km/h and their range varies from 70 to 100 km. The Volta BCN’s vintage 400cc engine is comparable in power to its 34hp/25kW DC electric motor.

A belt-driven, maintenance-free transmission is used for the transmission. A 74 V/3.1 kWh lithium polymer battery can be recharged in approximately two hours. It uses a standard 220V socket and the torque is 67Nm.

10.VYRUS 987 C3 4V

The last name on this list of motorcycle brands beginning with V is Vyrus 987 C3 4V. While accolades like “the most powerful production motorcycle in the world” don’t live forever, Vyrus has done a lot to earn one.

The Vyrus 987 C3 4V ($70,000+) holds the accolade. The C3 4V claims its title thanks to an incredibly light curb weight of just 339 pounds. and a Ducati-made 1198cc supercharged V-twin engine producing 211bhp.

It does this by forgoing conventional front forks in favor of a new design controlled via a central hub. You have a particular two-wheeled rocket when you combine an aggressive body, consoles and lighting. Jet fighters and top-notch Brembo brakes inspire these combinations.


Here is a list of motorcycle brands that start with V. Curiosity or search for the most amazing motorcycle brands that you could benefit from.


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