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RICK BROWN, Yard Light Media

KEARNEY — In order to get “trailer queens” to attend a car show, car owners want assurances that the vehicles will be safe from any inclement weather.

“As long as people get their vehicles here, we’re good to go,” said Jeff Knapp, Central Nebraska Auto Club member and president of the 16th Annual Indoor Auto and Bike Show. “If it’s windy, it doesn’t matter because we’re inside the Exhibition Centre. It’s always sunny and it’s 70 degrees here. »

Knapp expects around 100 classic, custom and collectible vehicles to show up at the event.

“Some of these high-priced cars are what we would call ‘trailer queens’. That means owners don’t drive the cars from their homes to the show,” Knapp explained. they come to the show, they take them out of the trailer and into the show.

Thereafter, the owners reverse the process and avoid driving the vehicles on streets where a stray stone could damage the cars.

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“Owners of these types of cars are very concerned about driving on the streets,” Knapp said. “They don’t want hail damage, they don’t want anything to happen to the vehicle. An indoor car show gives owners confidence that vehicles won’t be sitting outside all day like they would at a Cruise Nite event.

Central Nebraska Auto Club presents its indoor car and bike show until 4 p.m. today. Admission is $5. 12 year olds and young people enter for free.

“We also love people coming to Cruise Nite, but it’s not a protected environment like this,” Knapp added.

The show will also raise funds for the Kearney Area Animal Shelter.

“They will be on site Saturday collecting donations,” Knapp said.

Each car or motorcycle will have a paper bag in front of it. Customers can “vote” for a favorite display by dropping coins or bills into the bag. The vehicle with the most money will win a special trophy. The funds raised will go to the shelter.

The show will also include vendors and a DJ playing oldies music.

“It should be a fun day for everyone,” Knapp said.

In addition to the variety of cars and motorcycles, Knapp said he was looking forward to seeing a 1970s Boss Mustang registered for the Indoor Car Show.

“It’s won national awards and it’s a beautiful, very expensive car,” he said. “I think there will be two or three cars like that. I call them ‘high-priced’ cars because someone has put a lot of time and effort into restoring or modifying them. And then you You’ll see cars that are everyday drivers. The cars will run the gamut. I think the oldest is a one-ton truck from the 1920s.”

The hobby of collecting classic and custom vehicles offers opportunities for a wide range of individuals.

“There’s room in the hobby for all these people,” Knapp said. “I think it’s great. I like unrestored or originally restored vehicles. Some people like a modified vehicle like a hot rod – everyone has their preference of what they like. And that’s what’s good about this show; it has a bit of something for everyone.


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