TRS leaders violate traffic rules under cops’ noses


Hyderabad: In a bid to show its massive show of force as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) holds its national executive meeting and public meeting in the city, the ruling TRS party on Saturday held a rally in support of Yashwant Sinha, the presidential candidate of the opposition.

While the GHMC mayor, deputy mayor and hundreds of TRS party leaders were seen violating traffic and Covid-19 standards, no traffic controls were enforced by the police in the Hyderabad traffic. After which, several citizens questioned the traffic police department why this difference?

During the bike rally in the city, Hyderabad Mayor Gadwal Vijayalaxmi, Deputy Mayor Mothe Srilatha Sobhan Reddy, Khairatabad MP D Nagender along with party workers were not wearing helmets and they were also seen not wearing no mask, which is mandatory according to Covid standards.

Open violation of traffic rules by TRS party leaders, Hyderabad traffic immediately attacks ordinary people for not wearing helmets. Why this indifference of the traffic police, asks Sivakumar.

After the rally, the mayor, deputy mayor and deputies posted their photos and videos of bicycles on social networks, many netizens called on the traffic police to impose challans and fines for violating safety standards. traffic and Covid.

Sai Madhav, a netizen, posted the photos of the license plates of the vehicles driven by the MP and the deputy mayor during the bike rally. He urged the traffic police department to impose penalties for gross violation of standards by TRS party leaders and hundreds of party workers.

In addition, until Saturday evening, not a single traffic challan was imposed on any of the bike rally participants and no penalty for not wearing a face mask was imposed by the police department of traffic, he asked.


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