Watch Arkansas Razorbacks vs. LSU Tigers in SEC Tournament Quarterfinals


There is a famous quote from GK Chesterton that says, “The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because usually it’s the same people.

When it comes to Arkansas and LSU, every part of that quote applies, and LSU head coach Will Wade’s shower of love toward the Razorbacks Thursday night during his post-release press conference. -game in Missouri was truly of biblical proportions.

Here are some of the highlights.

On Arkansas

“The first thing that stands out is how hard Arkansas is playing. I think they’re one of the toughest teams in our league. That’s what makes this league so tough, at what point everyone is good, but there’s not like a team that sits in a 2-3 zone I think Arkansas is towards the top of the toughest teams to play in our league, if not the hardest team to play… I think playing today is to Arkansas’ advantage because you have to play so hard to beat them.”

On JD Notes

“We were lucky. He missed a few open shots. We were lucky. He makes those 9 out of 10 games.”

About Jaylin Williams

“I think I said that before this game. I’m not saying he’s the best player in the league, but in my opinion he’s the most valuable player in the league – the most valuable player in Arkansas as a team. The way he can stretch the floor, he’s made a few shots, and he makes every big shot. It seems like every three he makes is a huge three. The way he bounces. The way he protects the rim. If you remember in the Arkansas game he took three charges on us. We had a 2-on-1 break and we took a 12-foot pull-up floater , because we were petrified to go out there and charge in. There’s a huge difference between shooting a layup and a So it’s not just the charges he takes, it’s the shots he takes. it affects that you have to take. You have to take harder hits than usual.


Arkansas Razorbacks guard Au'Diese Toney (5) celebrates after ducking the ball in the second half against the West Virginia Mountaineers at Bud Walton Arena.  Arkansas won 77-68.

That Toney plays against LSU can only be attributed to who you believe more – LSU coach Will Wade or Arkansas coach Eric Musselman.

Earlier this week, Musselman painted a grim picture that made it sound like Toney might not be in good enough condition to play unless this thing stretches into Sunday, and that was if doctors n didn’t have to amputate his leg before that.

He described Toney as being in a non-stop boot and only weakly climbing on a bike at the urging of trainers to try and provide his body with a modicum of cardio. Musselman reported that even working in the pool where the weightlessness created by the water to support the stress of the injury could not yet be part of the equation.

Of course, if Arkansas makes it to the championship game, it would make sense for Toney to keep sitting out because an SEC tournament title does nothing to help the Razorbacks win a national championship, because their top seed would most likely be locked by a denunciation. The risk of injury and not having a healthy Toney for the NCAA Tournament opener would just be too much.

Now, if you’re a Wade fan, Toney has probably been working on his dunks for almost a week now to make sure he’s recovered enough to go over the rim easily.

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Wade referenced watching Toney warm up against Tennessee last week and expressed little doubt the guard will look to top the 18 points he lost to the Tigers in Bud Walton.

No one will know for sure until the starting rosters are officially submitted.


Vanderbilt Commodores guard Jamaine Mann (23) celebrates after defeating the Alabama Crimson Tide during the second half at Amalie Arena.

Arkansas fans have been known to sometimes adopt other teams.

NJIT got to see what Razorback fans will go to support a team that earned their respect in baseball’s 2021 playoffs. Having such a rabid fan base takes them like one of their own hundreds of miles from home. them is something the mountaineers will never forget.

It’s very possible that Vanderbilt jumped into potential adoption status with a huge comeback to upset Alabama on Thursday night.

The Commodores have ties to Arkansas thanks to Hamburg’s Scottie Pippen who is on the field watching his son play every game. Killing the Crimson Tide curries favor with Razorback fans, but nothing draws Hogs more than a friendly underdog taking on a program Arkansas loves to hate.

Kentucky fans will do their best to pack the house and make it look like the Vanderbilts are in Rupp, but Wildcat fans might find some unexpected pushback.

Kentucky guard Ashton Hagans (0) celebrates with fans after defeating Vanderbilt at Memorial Gym in Nashville.

If Arkansas wins, it’s likely a lot of Arkansas fans will use the Tennessee game as a chance to grab dinner and come back just in time to provide Vanderbilt with the support he needs to tie. the odds against the “Blue Bloods of the Blue Grass”.

While there probably aren’t many true Vanderbilt fans in attendance, Razorback fans love nothing more than getting under Kentucky’s shoes when it comes to basketball. Chances are, fans at other SEC schools will follow their lead in shouting at the Wildcats.

If for some reason Arkansas doesn’t win the tournament, it’s hard to imagine any Razorback fan not supporting a Vanderbilt-led miracle that would include victories over Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee and Auburn or LSU.

Even if the Hogs were to reach the championship, lining up against Vanderbilt for the chance to avenge that loss to Bud Walton would be a nice bonus.


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