Watch Itchy Boots tackle a beautiful desert with new tires


If you’ve been riding for a while, chances are you already know that certain things will wear out on your bike. The general rule is that the more you ride, the more frequently you need to replace items such as tires, air filters, chains and sprockets, brake pads, etc. When you’re on an epically long trip, you’re probably going to go through the tires faster – these are just maths.

Thus, we come to the most recent chapter of the Itchy Boots Project Alaska saga. If you haven’t followed you should, it’s great fun. For those unfamiliar, Noraly (the vlogger behind the Itchy Boots channel) flies her Honda CRF300L Rally from Ecuador to Alaska. (As a result, the bike is also called Alaska, so if you hear him refer to what sounds like a person of that name, it’s his bike.)

She has reached the Baja Peninsula in Mexico and starts the morning in La Paz, where it is time to buy another set of new tires. One reason to choose a bike like the CRF300L Rally for global adventure is parts availability, which should (at least theoretically) be a little easier. Unfortunately, as Noraly explains, the last few times she’s needed parts, it’s been more difficult than expected.

As a result, there are a few tire changes, she ended up with a rear tire much better suited to the asphalt than all the dirt rides she regularly does. However, when faced with a choice between not changing a tire that really needs it and ending up with a tire that isn’t exactly what you want for where you’ll be riding, well, you can guess what she chose. Although it wasn’t her first choice, her driving skills were up to the task and she rode the chosen routes until the next tire change.

This tire change ended up with softer rubber than she would have liked, but at least it was better suited to the dirt. As you can see in the video, however, it’s definitely time for a new rubber. These tires probably won’t make the remaining 2,000 kilometers (about 1,243 miles) to the US border. (She apparently already ordered a new set of tires once she drove through and was able to get exactly what she wanted.)

Air filter and Maxxis Desert tires installed, and IB begins to cover the 300+ kilometers to Loreto. There are beautiful desert landscapes including local wildlife. If you’re looking for inspiration to go out and take your own journey, you could do a lot worse than keep an Itchy Boots video in your queue.


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