Random: Aloy In Smash Bros.? ‘LEGO Horizon’ Dev Seems Up For It

Just waiting on that call from Nintendo.

In a move that very few of us saw coming, PlayStation’s Horizon series is heading to Nintendo Switch (albeit in the slightly more family-friendly, LEGO Horizon Adventures form). Is this a crossover episode? Are we witnessing the start of a bold new partnership between Sony and the Big N? Does this mean PlayStation IP will start leaking into the likes of Super Smash Bros.? We’d have to assume ‘no’ for that last one, but that’s not to say that the devs of this latest LEGO adventure wouldn’t be up for it.

In a new feature from Kotaku, Guerrilla Games’ franchise development lead producer Tim Symons (who previously spent a decade at Nintendo of Europe as a Product Development Manager amongst other roles) was asked whether Horizon on Switch might lead to a Smash collaboration at some point down the line. While the dev hardly answered in the affirmative, he did confess that it would be “nice” to see. “If you speak to Nintendo and they want to invite us,” Symons told Kotaku, “let me know”.

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