Review: Monster Hunter Stories (Switch) – Showing Its Age But Still Worth The Hunt

Portable monsters for the kids (and kids at heart).

When Capcom released Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin on Nintendo Switch back in 2021, there may have been some that said, “Wait, there was a first game?” It’s worth remembering that the original outing of Monster Hunter Stories came towards the end of the 3DS era; in fact, it was released after the Switch had launched in 2017. It’d be understandable, then, if it was missed by plenty of gamers in a way that its sequel — on the current and dominant Nintendo system — was not.

Now we have Monster Hunter Stories on Switch to right that wrong, and to ensure that Nintendo fans have both tales readily available. It’s welcome, too; though these kid-friendly RPG outings for the series don’t push the boundaries of the genre or even add much to the IP’s impressive global reach, they are a pleasant introduction to a franchise that is traditionally rather challenging. This first entry comes with some enhancements, too, but it also feels unabashedly like the 3DS original, which isn’t always a good thing.

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