Review: Dicefolk (Switch) – An Incredibly Fresh-Feeling, Monster-Catching Roguelite

Want to be the very best, like no one ever was?

These days, roguelites and deckbuilders are a dime a dozen, but it seems like developers are finding ways to get creative with the genre mechanics to produce something that sticks out from the glut of releases these past several years. Dicefolk offers one such creative take on the roguelite formula, mixing in a dash of Pokémon-esque monster catching as part of its unique approach. Those who love deckbuilders will find tons to appreciate here, as it builds around an addictive and strategically in-depth combat system that’ll keep you constantly coming back for one more run.

Dicefolk’s story is pretty basic. A girl named Alea, a member of the titular folk, discovers she can use her powers to tame and befriend powerful creatures called chimeras which roam the land. Using this newfound ability, Alea sets out on a quest to battle an evil wizard who was sealed away years ago, hoping to stymie his dark influence and bring peace to the world. Those of you looking for a lot of narrative elements in a roguelite may be disappointed at the relatively thin worldbuilding and plot here, but we didn’t feel that the lack of a strong storyline took away much from the core monster battling.

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