Review: Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD (Switch) – The Best Version, But Lacks Extras To Make It Essential


Looking back over our 2013 review of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon on the 3DS has been a timely reminder of why we love this game so very much, yet have failed to return to it beyond our original playthrough back in the day – an oddity, given that we’re quite partial to hoovering up every last secret there is to find in most games we enjoy.

It was the controls, you see. They were fiddly in the first Luigi’s Mansion, and in the second game the lack of an extra thumbstick on the 3DS made for an experience that felt marred slightly by the shortcomings of the system on which it was delivered. It wasn’t a huge deal — this writer is still very much in agreement with the 9/10 score dished out by this site at the time — it was always just one of those things with this series. A great idea, smart games, excellent puzzles and tons of atmosphere, all held back a little bit. A franchise that felt like it needed unleashing onto a new platform.

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