Feature: Nintendo Switch Sports Basketball – A Slam Dunk Or A Missed Shot?

Sixth man.

It’s been almost two years since Nintendo Switch Sports‘ last major update with the addition of Golf. The patch left us feeling decidedly “whelmed” — it was a nice add-on, but nothing special after having played Wii Sports and its Resort follow-up. With Basketball, the latest sport to join the roster, we expected more of the same. And, after checking out all of the game modes in single-player and local multiplayer, we were right to be confident in our assumptions.

Like the other seven available sports, Basketball offers a watered-down take on shooting hoops with simple controls that allow you to pick up and play in minutes. Move the Joy-Con up and down to dribble the ball, press ‘X’ to pass the ball, hold ZR and flick your wrist to shoot the ball. Those after-crossover moves and alley-oop plays are better off looking elsewhere (though even NBA 2K has taken a bit of a dive on Switch lately), but if you want to hit the virtual court with everyone from your pals to your parents, then Switch Sports’ simplicity is still tough to beat.

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